The Persian cat is a small to medium sized cat with a strong, stocky body set on short, thick legs. It has a large, round head with a signature flat face (brachycephalic) and small ears. When Persians are in full coat, they have long, flowing hair with extra length around the neck. Their short tails are covered with long hair.


Due to their flat face, Persians are prone to breathing difficulties and noisy breathing. They pick up food with the underside of their tongue, so specific shaped food is best as most food can be difficult for them to pick up. They are heat sensitive, so need a cool environment during the warmer months. As they are extensive groomers, they are prone to hairballs.

Size: Small-medium

Colour: Large variety

Coat & Grooming Needs: Mainly long haired but also short varieties. Daily grooming required

Weight: 3-6kg

Activity level: Low

Social: Known for being quiet and a lap cat

Lifestyle: Indoors

Compatible with other pets: Prefer a relaxed environment