So you’ve bought a new cat and now you need pretty much … everything else? Rest assured, we’ve got you covered.



Dull? Sure. Important? Absolutely. Make sure your cat is properly registered, you have its microchip data, and you’ve been provided with vaccination records. And don’t forget to look into pet insurance.

Kitty litter

Ensure your house stays nice and clean by providing your cat with a place to go to the bathroom. You’ll want a starter kit and litter, and just to be safe, don’t forget stain and odour control sprays in case it takes your cat a while to learn good toilet habits.


Cats are notoriously fussy sleepers, so to ensure your cat isn’t always stealing the best spot on the couch, provide it with its own cushy bed. Cats also like a good place to hide, so consider providing a cuddle sack or tunnel. 


Provide your cat with a collar so it isn’t mistaken for the neighbourhood stray. To help out the local wildlife and keep your cat safe, fit it with a belled-collar with a break away buckle.

Cat food

You want the best for your cat, especially when it comes to food. So speak to your local Petbarn expert about whether wet or dry food will be most suitable for your new cat.

Food and water bowls

You don’t want your cat eating its food from the ground, or your own tableware, so make sure you provide it with a food bowl to eat from. Wide and shallow is good as some cats don’t like their whiskers rubbing up against the sides of the bowl.


Good pet care involves ensuring your cat has a range of toys to play with. Watch your cat jump all over the place with a curly ribbon wand toy, or tap into your cat’s instincts to explore with a scratch and chase explorer toy.


Teach your cat good behaviour with the help of tasty treats. If your cat needs more stimulation, try filling up a kong toy with some smaller treats.


Don’t forget to visit your local Greencross Vets to ensure your cat is properly vaccinated.