For everyone wondering “Am I ready for a kitten?”, we’ve prepared these questions for you to ask yourself before you welcome a new pet into your family.


Are you financially prepared for a kitten?

While kittens are relatively self-sufficient, they do require a level of care and maintenance, especially in their first year. As a responsible pet parent, you will need to microchip, vaccinate, and desex your kitten. As an adult cat, they will need to be taken for regular vet checkups and you must provide them with preventative medication for fleas, ticks and worms. One of the major costs of owning a kitten is the ongoing cost of food. Make sure you have factored all of these into your budget so you don’t get any surprises!

Do you have the space for a kitten?

Some kittens prefer a lot of space, whilst some prefer a little. Nevertheless, you at least need to make space for your kitten’s  food and water bowl, bed and litter tray. You should also purchase a scratching post for your kitten to play on and sharpen their claws so they are less inclined to ruin your furniture. More sensitive cats will definitely respond better to their own little nook where they can retreat to when they need some privacy.

Are you willing to accept their personality and quirks?

Don’t underestimate kittens, they’re a lot smarter than you think… and they will try and outsmart you if they get the chance! They have an innate ability to learn quickly, solve problems and adapt to their environments. This can often be incredible to watch as they use their smarts to navigate their lives around your home, but it can also get you in to trouble at times.

While some kittens are real lap-lovers, others like to be free agents and will genuinely be happy in their own company. While they will often come to you when they want affection, most kittens are impressively individual and independent – doing what they want, when they want and how they want. Make sure you’re ready to interact with your kitten on their terms and not yours.

Will you put in the time and effort to care for them?

Sure everyone’s willing to play with a kitten and give them love and attention, but what about the not-so-fun but still necessary parts of pet care like cleaning the litter tray, feeding and grooming your kitten? A kitten is a lifetime responsibility so make sure you’re ready to make this commitment. Even when you’re not around, make sure that your kitten is well cared for with lots of fun toys to occupy themselves.

Is everyone else in your home ready for a kitten?

Not only should you make sure that your human family are willing and prepared to welcome a new member to your home, you must also make sure that your other pets are happy with this change. While kittens adapt to new surrounds quickly, they don’t always warm to others pets at quite the same pace. If you already have another pet, like a dog, you should know you can’t force pets to like each other, so it’s best to go slow in the introduction process. For animals, smells are far more important than appearances, try getting your pets used to each other’s scent before meeting face to face. Try swapping the blankets or beds they use before meeting.

Did you answer ‘yes’ to everything? If so, it sounds like you’re ready for a kitten!

While cats can be commonly painted as self-serving pets, they more often than not make for very lovable and affectionate company. Kittens will very quickly fall into the pace the owner sets making them a perfect roommate from the start. Visit your local Petbarn adoption partner and bring home your purr-fect new family member today!