There’s a lot to consider when adding a kitten to your family. As a pet parent, you should think about how your new pet will suit your lifestyle and factor in things like breed, adoption, existing pets and other family members.


Your kitten’s breed will affect their size, disposition and more

Before getting a kitten, consider whether you would like them to be purebred or domestic. Your kitten’s breed will influence your kitten’s physical attributes like their size and coat, and can also have an impact on their temperament and health.

For purebred cats, their breed will let you know how large they will grow once they’re an adult. For example Singapura and Tonkinese cats will stay small, while British Short Hair and Bengal cats will grow to be much bigger. With domestic kittens, it will be harder to guess how large they will eventually grow.

While cats generally do not need as much space as dogs, it is important to take into account the size of your home and your future kitten’s breed when you are making your decision. Certain breeds like Abyssinian and Somali cats are very active and enjoy playing games. Remember that for kittens, vertical space to jump and climb can be as important as floor space.

What would you like your kitten’s purr-sonality to be?

Just like you, your kitten will have their own unique personality. Whether you prefer getting a kitten that is active and outgoing or calm and quiet, observe your kitten’s interactions with their littermates before you make a decision. If a kitten is super active, stalking and initiating play, they will likely grow up to be a lively and outgoing cat. Kittens who don’t start games but engage in them will be slightly more relaxed while kittens who are less active will generally grow to be passive and quiet.

What is your family size and what are their needs?

Kittens are perfect companions for households of any size, but some are best suited to bigger families than others. British Shorthair or Birman cats are inquisitive and super friendly, which means they’re an ideal breed to introduce to children.

If anyone in your family has cat allergies, consider getting a kitten with hypoallergenic properties such as Cornish Rex and Russian Blue cats which are less likely to trigger allergic reactions.

Do you have other pets?

While it is true that some breeds are more friendly, despite common beliefs, your kitten can be friends with an older cat or dog! As long as you take the time and care to introduce them slowly and give each pet time to get to know the other, before you know it, they’ll be playing all day long.

Adopting a kitten rather than buying

There are so many reasons to consider adopting a kitten instead of buying from a breeder. When you adopt you’re giving a kitten another chance at finding their forever home. All kittens adopted through Petbarn’s adoption partners have undergone a health check, been vaccinated, desexed, microchipped, and treated for parasites. They are sweet, healthy, sociable, well adapted and just looking for love!

If you’re considering getting a kitten to add to your family, the friendly team members at your local Petbarn can help with all your questions.