Chances are, at some point we will all been asked to cat sit. While some of us are accustomed to what that entails, some of us might need a few tips…



1. Write it all down

Rule number 1, without doubt: get the cat’s parent(s) to write down all your instructions. Make sure you have these kept safe and have a chance to read them before your friend or family member jets off in case you have any questions. A few things you will want to jot down: how often your furry friend needs to be fed and how much; any medicine they might need to be given and details; local Greencross Vets and other emergency numbers; and any other strange quirks they might have (eg, George loves to sit by the window pretty much all day, but please don’t open it as he’ll escape).

2. Don’t deviate from the menu

While you may think that giving them the odd fish supper or an extra kitty treat here and there might be a nice thing to do, this is not a good idea. Follow the instructions their parent has left when it comes to mealtimes. The last thing you want is your friend’s cat getting a funny tummy and you having to deal with that!

3. Don’t smother them

It’s an exciting responsibility looking after a cat, but unless you know the feline friend in question, the chances are they are likely to be a bit timid and shy of you. You might get the odd ‘where’s mummy and daddy’ face. That’s fine. Leave them to it and if they want affection, they will come to you. Don’t force it. After all, you’re the one invading their stay-cation while mum and dad are away!

4. Be careful of doors and windows!

Ignore this if the cat is an outdoor cat, but if it’s a house cat READ ON! Make sure you keep all doors and windows secure to avoid your new friend going on their own little holiday.

5. Stay calm

Ultimately, you’re a stranger in this cat’s home so they’ll be on guard. This is their territory, and it’s quite normal for them to be inquisitive. Stay relaxed, speak to the cat in a calm tone and give them plenty of affection when they want it. Soon enough they’ll think of you as family.

Remember, if you have a medical emergency while cat sitting, you can find your local Greencross Vets here.