A cat scratcher is a must have for any cat owner that wants to save their furniture and there are three key features you should look for when purchasing one.


If you value your furniture then it’s a very good idea to go out and find yourself a good cat scratcher. Be careful though, all scratchers are not created equal and there are some key things you should be looking for. It’s important to understand why you need a cat scratcher in the first place, and three key considerations when purchasing one.

Behavioural Reasons

Your cat needs a scratching post to satisfy their innate instincts. When our nails get too long we clip them with a nail clipper, but a cat can’t do that. The feline solution for nails that are too long is to start scratching on something – this is natural cat behavior. The act of scratching removes the old nails and allows the new ones to emerge. It’s also a way for your cat to mark their territory, as cats have scent glands on their paws.

Saving Your Furniture

Cats will happily scratch on your favourite couch if there’s no other alternative around. If you want to prevent this, you should purchase a scratching post as soon as possible and place it in an area where your cat likes to do their scratching – if they like your furniture, it’s probably a good idea to place the scratching post nearby to encourage its use.

3 Key Things to Consider

1. Size and Weight

Choose a scratching post that is tall enough for your cat to stand up on their hind legs with their front paws reaching to the top of the post. While the primary purpose of the post is scratching, your cat will also use it for stretching and exercise, so you need one that has enough height for the job. It’s also essential that you find one with a sturdy base, because if it’s unstable or your cat can push it over when leaning against the post, your cat will go right back to scratching your furniture.

2. Materials

Many of the standard scratching posts will be covered in carpet. The benefit of a carpeted post is you can find one to match your home décor. The risk is that there’s a chance your cat will think that the carpets on your floor are fair game as well. An alternative is sisal, a ropelike substance that offers a rougher texture than carpet. Cat scratchers made from sisal are often preferred by cats, as the firmer surface helps groom their nails as they pull.

3. Physical Features

It’s also a good idea to look for a scratching post with fun hiding holes and walkways for your cat to play on. The more fun you make it, the better chance it’ll be used for scratching instead of your cat jumping on and scratching your furniture.


Your cat is going to scratch – it’s in their nature so it’s best to offer a scratching post that will not only entertain your cat, but also save your furniture. As long as you look for a cat scratcher with these three key features, your cat should choose it as their primary scratching surface and you’ll save your furniture!

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