Cats are playful companions that need lots of mental stimulation. Fun toys and scratchers are just one way to help them beat boredom.

Boredom busters for your cat

Cats love to play, climb, scratch, chase and rest. While these activities are all part of their natural behaviour patterns and important for their physical development, you want to make sure they’re taking out their energy in the right ways. Here’s how to keep your cat entertained with a whole host of games, toys and activities.

What are the best cat toys you can play with together?

There are a number of toys available that will enable you and your cat to have healthy play together. Wand toys and teaser toys on a string will involve you in the game and let you have heaps of fun. This playtime helps you bond with your pet and establish a strong play rapport.

Which cat toys are great for solo entertainment?

Especially if you’re working from home, you’ll want to give your cat a range of toys that allow them to entertain themselves. Balls, tunnels and toy mice are just the start of the huge selection of toys on offer at Petbarn. You can even find electronic toys like those from Frolicat that will keep your cat stimulated for hours. Regularly rotate the toys so they don’t get bored.

How to choose the best cat scratcher

Providing your cat with a scratch post or scratch pad is a great idea. You can encourage your cat to use their scratch post by playing around the post and even placing their front feet on the post. Most cats are pretty switched on and will figure out how to use it in no time at all.  It is best to buy the largest scratch post or pad possible, as you really want to encourage your cat to scratch upwards in a natural scratching position. While the primary use of the post is scratching, your cat will also use it for stretching and exercise, so you need one that has enough height for the job.

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