Make complex feeding easy with a well-rounded, balanced option.

Nutrition is complex – making sure your bird is well fed is not simple. Pellets should be fed as 80% of your bird’s total diet. The other factors are made up of 15% fresh fruit and vegetables, and the remaining 5% is treats.

There is a vast difference between a typical seed diet and a fully formulated pellet. Here, we compare the two when it comes to key factors to consider, demonstrating why pellets are a superior option for your bird.


Pellets: Scientifically formulated to provide a complete diet with balanced proteins, fats, amino acids, vitamins and minerals, ensuring your bird gets the nutrients it needs.
Seed: There is usually no detailed analysis of ingredients. Grains are subject to wide variations in nutrients depending on seasons and regions where they are grown. Many grains are nutrient deficient.

Clean up

Pellets: Pellets greatly reduce the waste in an aviary. Being 100% edible, you get maximum benefit from the pellets. Less waste equals less cleaning!
Seed: Seed mixes contain “filler seeds”. These seeds are cheap but not always eaten by the bird e.g. cracked corn. Some seeds also require dehulling and along with the filler seeds may equate to 60% of a seed mix – which ends up on the cage floor.

Gorgeous feathers

Pellets: Balanced amino acids (the building blocks of protein) allow the optimum development of feathers and immune system. Birds on pellets will look vibrant and healthy – because they are.
Seed: Most seeds are deficient in the essential amino acids – Lysine and Methionine. Amino acid-deficient diets lead to poor feathering, low vitality and increased disease risk.

Best for breeding

Pellets: Breeding birds do better on pellets and typically produce more and healthier chicks.
Seed: Breeding birds on seed diets struggle to find adequate calcium and Vitamin D3 for growing chicks. Bone fractures are common.

Reliable nutrition

Pellets: Vetafarm Pellets are formulated by avian veterinarians and manufactured under strict quality-assurance systems.
Seed: Seed diets are a lottery as you can’t definitively determine the nutrient balance. Most require a constant supply of supplements to “fill the holes.”

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