Birds make lovely, inquisitive pets, but they can be at risk of overheating. Here’s how to keep your feathered friend safe in the heat and humidity.

Caring for your bird in the summer

During the hot, summer months, it’s important to ensure your bird is kept cool. Unlike humans, birds don’t have sweat glands and overheating is a serious threat. As we keep most birds in a cage or aviary, it’s important to provide what they need to stay cool and safe in the summer. Here are our suggestions of how to do just that.

1. Offer shade

Be sure your bird’s cage isn’t in direct sunlight, but kept in a shady area. The winter sun on the front patio might be delightful, but in the summer, that kind of heat can be very dangerous for a bird. Think of moving their cage into a spot where they will be more comfortable in the summer. Try a tiled room, like the bathroom, when it’s hot.

2. Give them a light mist

A light mist spray will help keep your bird cool. You can do this manually using a spray bottle if you’re at home throughout the day. Or, you can hook up an automated mister that will spray a fine mist at regular intervals throughout the day to help your bird cool off while you’re out.

3. Provide a bath

Birds love to frolic in cool water to help them regulate their temperature. Add a shallow dish filled with just a couple of centimetres of water into your bird’s cage for it to bathe in. Or, buy a bird bath that can be attached to the cage. Keep the water clean by changing it regularly.

4. Keep things breezy

If you have your bird inside, it can still be quite warm. You might want to consider leaving a fan on (low speed) near their enclosure for a short period. It’s best if you’re nearby just to ensure they are safe.

5. Keep their water full

On hot days water can evaporate quickly, so check it regularly and keep it full for your feathered friend. Think about installing a second water feeder if needed for the hot months.

6. Clean the cage regularly

Warm conditions are perfect for the growth of bacteria and other parasites, so clean your bird’s cage more often during the summer months. Don’t let bird food sit for long periods without changing it as it can also promote the growth of bacteria. Change it regularly to keep your bird safe.

If you need any advice on keeping your pet bird healthy and happy, just ask one of our friendly Petbarn team members in-store or contact your local Greencross Vets team.