While they may have feathers to keep them warm, birds can’t handle winter as well as some may think. Here are some tips to help keep your bird happy when it’s cold.

While the colder weather is an invitation for hot chocolates and cosy socks, our pet birds aren’t so lucky when it comes to staying warm in winter. Birds are sensitive to the cold, so it’s important that steps are taken to keep them snug and warm during winter.

Keep your birds indoors

Keeping your pet bird warm and snuggly during winter starts with their environment, and keeping them indoors is the most effective way to protect them from the cold.
To keep your feathered friend happy and healthy, ensure their environment is safe and comfortable. Keep them away from constantly busy areas so their cage or perch is stable and not at risk of being knocked over. Don’t position your bird’s home beside strong heaters or fireplaces, as they have sensitive respiratory systems that don’t cope well with strong aromas. Avoid draughts, breezes and windows as well.

Expose them to humidity

As Australia’s climate is quite dry, it’s important your bird stays hydrated during winter. Exposing your pet bird to a bit of humidity, whether it’s via a steaming machine or the steam from the shower is great for your pet’s health. Consider placing a bowl of water in the room to encourage humidity. Don’t forget, radiant and oil heaters provide a dry heat while gas heaters provide a moist heat.

Does their diet need to change during winter?

In winter, it’s important to be mindful of the cooler water temperature. Some birds struggle to drink when the temperature is chillier, so change their water as often as possible so they can drink comfortably and stay hydrated.
The drop in temperature also means that your pet bird might need a more calorie-rich diet to keep their energy up. Avoid overfeeding during this time however.
Talk to your local Petbarn member about the right foods for your bird.

Stay up to date with your bird’s vet visits

Like humans, birds are more vulnerable to contracting infections and diseases during winter. A symptom that may be minor in the warmer months, could be more serious in the cold. Taking your bird for regular checkups ensures they are at optimum health and you are doing all the right things as their parent.
Feel free to refer to your local Greencross Vets to keep your bird’s health in check, and get more advice on bird parenting.

For more information on how to care for your bird, talk to your local Petbarn team member.