Everything you need to know about looking after your pet bird.

You’ve welcomed a bird into your family – congratulations! Here are the essentials for optimum care.

A balanced diet

Birds need balanced nutritional support in the form of either a complete diet – such as pellets – or quality supplements in conjunction with great seed. Check out the range at Petbarn.

Not sure which option to choose when it comes to food? Compare the two:

  • Pellets: When feeding a pellet diet (like those provided by Vetafarm no other prepared supplement is required. All the necessary protein, carbohydrates, vitamins and minerals are incorporated into the diet designed for your bird. Pellet-based diets should make up about 80% of your bird’s food and the remaining 15% should be made up of fruits and vegetables, with 5% of healthy treats.
  • Quality Seed and Supplements: Feeding seed? Make sure you use a supplement that gives your bird all the essentials that seed alone just cannot provide (like amino acids for the development of naturally vibrant feathers and vitamins and minerals for normal brain function, memory retention, keen eye sight and strong muscle development.)

Parasite Control

You’ll potentially need to control mites, lice, flies, spiders and ants, so be sure to choose an option that’s safe for your bird. Try Vetafarm’s Avian Insect Liquidator.


Natural foraging behaviour is an important activity for every bird to maintain. Encourage it with healthy treats that your birds will love (although offer them infrequently.) Vietafarm’s Deli-Stix are tasty and good for overall wellbeing.


Lack of activity leads to boredom, which often results in frustration and self-destructive behaviours. Utilising a variety of foraging devices and hiding food in various locations throughout the cage will keep your bird busy, challenge their mind and stimulate their curiosity.

Bird Wormer

Birds need to be wormed four times a year to avoid infestations. Try Wormout Gel as a completely safe, water-soluble bird wormer that effectively kills all intestinal worms.


The bigger, the better! Housing a bird in an under-sized cage can severely restrict the bird’s ability to exercise and lead to behavioural problems like screaming, aggression or feather plucking.

Don’t hesitate to talk to your local Petbarn team member for any more advice on caring for your pet bird.