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  • Fish & Aquarium

    A guide to fancy goldfish

    Unique, interesting and first kept some 1600 years ago – Fancy Goldfish are a certain way to brighten up your tank. Take a look at some of the varieties available. The term ‘Fancy’ refers to goldfish that have been specifically bred to enhance certain colours, patterns and or body characteristics when compared with more simply …

  • Bird Care & Maintenance

    Bird care for beginners

    Everything you need to know about looking after your pet bird. You’ve welcomed a bird into your family – congratulations! Here are the essentials for optimum care. A balanced diet Birds need balanced nutritional support in the form of either a complete diet – such as pellets – or quality supplements in conjunction with great …

  • Fish Care & Maintenance

    How to set up a goldfish tank

    Find out everything you need to know about creating the perfect tank for your new fish. There are a few essential elements to consider when setting up your goldfish tank. Here are some tips and tricks to getting it right. Plan for the future when selecting your tank Make sure to choose an adequate tank …