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  • Care & Maintenance

    Why is my fish dead?

    If it’s any consolation, keeping a fish alive and healthy can be a tricky juggling act for beginners and old hands alike. But by staying on top of the following checklist, your next pet fish should enjoy a longer, happier life. Water quality One of the main reasons behind most family fish deaths is poor …

  • Adoption Adoption Adoption Adoption

    Why adopt a pet?

    Thousands of pets waiting to be adopted in animal shelters are euthanised each year. If you’re considering a new pet, consider adopting a pet rather than buying one. Here are a few reasons why: You’re saving a life Sadly, a staggering amount of animals – for whatever reason – are surrendered every year. Whether it’s …

  • Care & Maintenance

    Why do dogs have whiskers?

    Wondering why your dog has whiskers? We’ve got the answer. As far as whiskers go, you could be forgiven for assuming that cats are the only members of the animal kingdom to have them. In fact, many dog owners don’t notice that their pets have whiskers at all, or understand how important they are. A …

  • Behaviour & Training

    Why do cats ‘knead’?

    If you’ve ever watched a cat purposefully kneading a surface and wondered why, you’re not alone. Kneading is what we call it when a cat rhythmically alternates pushing his paws against a soft surface, such as the sofa, a rug or your lap. It doesn’t mean your cat fancies himself as a baker or a …

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    Behaviour & Training

    Why do cats purr?

    Long believed to be a cat’s way of telling us that all is well, there’s more to purring than meets the ears. The sound of a feline purring contentedly is music to a cat lover’s ears, but have you ever wondered just why cats purr? If so, you’re not alone, scientists have long been asking …

  • Grooming

    Why do cats have whiskers?

    Your cat’s whiskers do much more than just look cute – they’re an important tool for helping them understand their environment. You may have heard the term “the cat’s whiskers” used to describe something really great, and it’s an appropriate comparison. A feline’s facial whiskers are very clever accessories indeed. A cat’s whiskers aren’t technically …