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Petsafe Magnetic 4 Way Locking Deluxe Cat Flap Door

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The Petsafe Staywell Magnetic 4 Way Cat Flap provides security against intrusion by strays without requiring batteries or house current! The collar key itself is a stronger magnet that actually unlocks the flap allowing access by your pet but not by other pets or strays. Fits wooden doors, glass windows & doors single and double glazed. Cut Out Size (wood): 168mm x 175mm Cut Out Size (glass): 212mm diameter Frame Size: 241mm x 252mm Please Note: This Staywell ""Magnetic"" cat flaps will not work if installed into a door's surface containing metal. This PetSafe deluxe 4 way cat flap must be isolated from these materials in a wooden frame. It is not possible to cut holes in toughened glass or double glazed units except at the time of manufacture, and when fitting into a double glazed glass, a plastic spacer bar must be used. Please contact a glazier.
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