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Paw TriDerm Calming Gel 75ml

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PAW TriDerm® Calming Gel is an advanced formulation for skin health and is the over the counter natural alternative that provides:

  • Concentrated Cerasine® skin nutrient complex:  with ceramides and essential fatty acids (omega oils) to intensively moisturise the skin for optimal skin hydration and a healthy skin barrier.
  • Aloe, chamomile & vitamin B5: to cool and calm sensitive skin and paws.
  • Colloidal oatmeal: for soothing effect.

The oil-free gel formula is quick to absorb for easy application

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  • Additional Information

    • Brand
    • Coat Type
    • Benefits
      Ideal for pets with sensitive skin and paws that require cooling and calming. Ideal for pets with itchy, dry or normal skin.

      PAW TriDerm® Calming Gel is an advanced formulation for skin health and is the over the counter natural alternative.
    • Feeding Guide
      Apply PAW TriDerm Calming Gel three times a day to the focal area. Leave on the skin
    • Ingredients
      Purified water, panthenol, glycerin, ceramide mixture, oat kernel flour, sclerotium gum, sodium hyaluronate, horse chestnut extract mixture, preservatives, sodium gluconate, aloe barbadensis leaf juice, citric acid, chamomile extract.
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    Customer Reviews(2)

    • Ashleigh says... My partner and I adopted two 7 year old cats, George must of came with a flea or two and he would scratch to the point he would start bleeding, so I gave him a medicated bath with paws mediderm (amazing stuff) and as soon as I would put triderm on his neck he would instantly get relief and stop scratching, best product for instant relief, my baby is now flea free, and itch free.
    • Dash says... My parents bought this to ease my itchy red skin from rubbing my belly on the grass! It absorbs really fast so I don't lick it off, but your human will need to wash their hands because the residue can feel a bit sticky. The bottle isn't very big, and the gel is kinda runny, so it's really easy to squeeze out too much. You can get better value for money if you're really careful.

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