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Oz Pet Cat Litter Bag 10kg

Oz Pet Cat Litter Bag 10kg

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Product description

Oz-Pet Litter is manufactured from waste plantation timber, is 100% bio-degradable with no added chemicals. It is the ultimate anti microbial litter that will stop the strong pee pong in your litter tray by eliminating rather than masking the smell of ammonia. The eucalyptus oil in the wood pellets will stop the bacteria growing that causes the smell of ammonia in other types of litter. Oz-Pet Litter is garden friendly, safe with no added chemicals, economical with its great absorbency and is recyclable, meaning it can be composted or used as mulch.

It isn't only for cats! Oz-Pet Litter is also suitable for birds, reptiles, mice, rats and guinea pigs. Pour Oz-Pet into a clean empty litter tray to a depth of 2.5cm. Scoop out solids daily. Note that as the product absorbs odour causing liquids, the depth of the litter increases. Change the litter on a regular basis.

  • Manufactured from waste plantation timber
  • Long lasting odour control
  • Garden friendly - 100% bi-degradable
  • Made in Australia
  • Suitable for a range of pets including cats, rabbits, reptiles and rats

Additional info

  • Same Day Delivery
  • Benefits
      • All Natural
      • Made in Australia
      • Long Lasting Odour Control
      • Garden Friendly
  • Brand
    Oz Pet
  • Litter Clumping
  • Litter Material
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Litter Fragrant
  • Product Category
    Cat Litter

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Oz Pet Cat Litter Bag 10kg
10 reviews
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  • WendyD says...
    The idea of low odour and the used litter filtering through to be disposed of appealed to me. The odour control was good but I found the disposal process messy unless you take the whole carrier outdoors to do it. It is economical although the cost of the tray system is expensive.
  • Lynda says...
    I have six cats and used to use Breeder's Choice cat litter. It was a great product but for six cats it was very expensive because when you change the tray you throw out the unused with the used so you use more. We now have five Oz Pet litter trays in various locations around the house and after the initial investment I am saving a fortune on cat litter. Also the waste shavings are a lot less voluminous than the used Breeder's Choice ones because you don't throw out the good with the bad. I just shake the waste sawdust into my compost bin or on the garden and hose out the trays every two days. I have three trays on an outdoor veranda and these work best because the litter drys out and the dry shavings shake better into the bottom tray. I cycle the trays around putting indoor trays out whenever they get too wet as the shavings don't shake down as well. Once these dry out it works brilliantly. Love the product.
  • Leah says...
    I bought oz pet about 3 years for my first cat. Worked perfectly and the litter crumbled like it was supposed too. I really loved it as cleaning was really easy, price was great and it was a natural product. Cue second cat. Ugh. We bought a second system when we got our 2nd cat. Our second cat drinks and eats whatever he can gobble up and with that, huge amounts of urine. This system does not work at all with him. The woodchip fill up with urine and don't crumble leaving a permanent smell, trying to shake/move the dirty litter into the next tray just moves it all around the top tray. Despite putting chips in the bottom tray, it fills up with urine so when we empty it it is just a tray full of wee. We regularly empty it but it is just always dirty, wet and smelly. I have just moved back to clumping cat litter to see whether this is will work better for our cats. I do like this product but it just doesn't work in our house (mainly with cat number 2) The price is great from Pet Barn.
  • Mea says...
    All the reviews complaining about the litter are not using the litter correctly. You need to follow the manufacturers instructions if you want the results the product claims to deliver. I contacted the company to get the low down on the correct way because I was quite confused after reading the reviews with the many different ways people were using this litter. You can't use this litter like the other litters on the market. I find Oz Pet litter the best of all the varieties that I have tried in the past. And believe me we have tried them all at some point. I think that this is the best for odour control provided you use it as intended. The litter does smell like wood as that is what it is made of but I will take that over the overpowering ammonia of cat pee any day! It is also low tracking.( The more often you shake the sieve during the day the less sawdust there will be to track out of the tray). I have a litter mat in front of the litter box and any bit of saw dust stuck to kitties feet stop right there. Great! My cat loves it. My nose loves it. And my guest love the fact that the house doesn't stink of cat pee. Pretty important I would think that the ammonia pong doesn't hit you in the face when you open the front door. We live in a very small unit, being able to flush the poo's with litter attached is also perfect. Sure the initial price is quite expensive for the litter system. But worth it in the long run both in cost and time spent dealing with the litter. I got my Oz Pet system on eBay for 79.00 delivery included with a choice of 4 colours. You need to look around for a good price. Failing that if you have a handyman around the house with a drill, a small drill bit and a couple of decent size and strength litter trays you could create your own sieve tray to avoid the initial large cost. This litter has to used with a base tray and a sieve, and you need to put a littler dry litter into the bottom tray too for it to be successful. If you do it any other way you are setting yourself up for failure, a big wet mess and disappointment.
  • Sharon says...
    I have been using this product for 4 years and I wouldn't use anything else. It is very economical, although the initial outlay is expensive, you do save a large amount of money by not having to replace the litter as often.
  • Nat says...
    I have 2 indoor cats and have used 3 bags (10kg) in a year, so it is a pretty good deal. As others already commented, the key is to use a sifter/sieve type litter box to avoid the wastage. Otherwise the litters will just get soaked in the urine and will not last long at all. The original Oz pet litter boxes are very expensive- I bought one but I have then found an alternative at a Daiso shop. They sell a sieve and a matching tray for just 2.80 each and they work just fine, albeit a little small. I don't really find the littler itself to be very good; the odour control is average and the brown colour makes it a little difficult to tell whether the littler is soiled or not. But the whole system is very economical and works well for people like me who hate having to buy huge bags of litter every month.
  • RJ says...
    Have only recently switched to this from crystals and love it! There is so much less litter outside of the tray now, the kittens seem to like it fine, it masks smells really well. My main complaint is that it really doesn't work so well with a regular litter tray (lots of wastage as it is vary hard to separate dirty litter from clean). 10kg has only been lasting a week with 2 kittens. It really does need a sifter, I just wish the Oz Pet system wasn't so expensive (you can get sifting trays in the US for under $30...)
  • Sandy says...
    I have two cats in an apartment, only recently got the second and was using clumping litter and finding it hard to keep up with keeping it clean with the 2 cats, and the kitten decided that if it was at all not clean she would pull my towel off the rack and wee on that. So I decided to buy the Oz-Pet system, bit of a big initial outlay but I can say that after one week I am super happy with and no more wee's on my towel! My only issue is that the poo's are the same colour as the litter so sometimes hard to see, but realistically, that's really not an issue! I also love that I can flush the sawdust down the toilet, very handy for apartment living.
  • Sam says...
    Used with the sieve tray this litter is so economical, we where introduced to this system by the breeder we brought our kitten from and will never look at another litter system again,
  • Sam says...
    I used to buy (and still do due to limited options) happily due to the price and quality of the product. The quality has deteriated significantly and the price has gone up. Not very happy - I do hope they drop the price and improve the quality.