Wellness Core Dog Food By Breed Size

Wellness Core is made from real meat, fruits and vegetables with no artificial flavours or colours, no corn, wheat or soy fillers and no by-product meals which means you're feeding your pet only authentic ingredients.
Developed to support the individual needs of small and large breed dogs, each grain free recipe features quality protein, Omega 6 & 3 fatty acids and is formulated to be easily digestible so your pet absorbs food’s vital nutrients.



Wellness Core grain free dog food for small breed dogs has protein focused nutrition with a balance of fat and calories to provide the energy your little one needs. Featuring smaller kibble size designed for small mouths, Wellness Core small breed dog food is natually gluten free and contains Omega fatty acids from Salmon oil to promote a healthy skin & coat.


Wellness Core grain free dog food for large breed dogs has 36% more protein than Wellness Large Breed Complete Health Adult recipe. Featuring larger kibble size designed for larger mouths, Wellness Core large breed dog food is natually gluten and CMO free. With antioxidants, omega fatty acids, glucosamine & probiotics to keep your pet looking and feeling their best.


Time flies when you're having fun and it can be easy to miss the signs that your beloved dog is starting to age. Advance consider dogs 8 years or older to be senior pets. Your pets skin and coat as well as their oral care needs may change during this stage of life. You can help your dog grow old gracefully with a Superior Nutrition diet specifically formulated to support dogs entering the senior phase of their life.