Eukanuba Dog Food by Breed Size

Together with veterinarians and nutritionists, Eukanuba has created breed specific diets according to your dog's size. Each breed size has different metabolic rates, growth rates and longevity.

All these aspects are taken into consideration so that your dog's diet can support their individual nutritional needs.




Small breed and toy breed dogs have a higher energy requirement than large breeds. Small breed dogs also have a smaller stomach which needs to be taken into consideration when it comes to diet. Eukanuba small breed dog food is nutrient-dense and highly digestible designed with smaller kibble to suit small dogs.


Medium dogs such as Beagles and Spaniels have a moderate high energy need depending on their life style. Nutritional needs of medium breed dogs fall between that of small and large breeds and as such a specifically tailored diet will provide optimum support for healthy wellbeing.


It's vital that a large and giant breed dogs are fed to reach their mature body weight at the right rate. Bone development problems can be common with large and giant breed dogs but this can be managed through breed specific diet. Ensure your dog has a complete and balanced diet with Eukanuba large breed dog food.