Advance Dog Food By Breed size

Advance dog food has been developed with the world leading authority 'WALTHAM' to provide Superior Nutrition pet food. The highest quality ingredients have been tested to suit the unique nutritional needs of different breed sizes.

Whether you have a toy, small, large or giant breed dog, Advance has a specific formula to ensure your pet will live a long and healthy life no matter their breed size.



Advance breed specific formula is a unique blend of ingredients to suit the high energy needs of toy and small breed dogs. Antioxidants and precise calorie diet is essential to maintain the energy output of your small dog. Advance toy and small breed is a complete and balanced diet for the optimal growth of your pet.


Large Breed dogs including the German Shepherd, Mastiff and Rottweiler are prone to orthopaedic concerns such as Hip Dysplasia. Feeding your large breed dog a breed specific formula made especially for their size can help reduce the incidence of bone and joint concerns by carefully balancing the levels of calcium and phosphorus in their diet.


The optimal growth for giant breed dogs means growing at a controlled level, not too fast and not too big. A giant breed diet should not encourage rapid growth as health problems can occur when giant puppies grow too fast. The best nutritional option for giant dogs such as the St Bernard and Irish Wolfhound is a breed size specific diet made specifically for their size.