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Kritters Krumble Bedding Coarse 20 Litres

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All natural, economical and pet safe bedding. It is unbeatable on odour control and is mold and mildew resistant, ideal for humid and arid environments. It is non-toxic, and is free from chemicals and fragrances. Suitable for reptiles, birds and small animals.
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      Kritter Krumble
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    • Rebecca says... Been using this for my snakes since it came out and it works a treat. Next to no smell (obviously not including when a snake has just defecated), cheap and easy to replace and can be reused on the gardens. Haven't had any problems with dust which is good. Rarely sticks inside you snakes mouth like aspen does! Good for humidity boxes with geckoes and I've used the fine stuff with my burrowing frogs as well, no dramas! Wouldn't recommend it for dragons though, noticed crickets and roaches were hiding inside when I tried to feed and beardies seem attracted to eating it.

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