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Hikari Sinking Wafer Fish Food

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A unique "soft wafer" developed for bottom feeders who have small downward facing mouths and must gulp their food. Perfect for smaller aquariums or to target feed multiple areas of larger tanks thus avoiding competition for food. It is extremely flavourful and digestible diet that offers premium-grade fish meal, silkworm and krill meal with superb nutrient balance to help most bottom feeders develop their full potential. Contains stabilized vitamin C and pure-cultured spirulina which supports a healthy immune system and to help your underwater friends look their best, always.
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    • Feeding Guide
      Feed the amount your pet will completely consume in 20 minutes. Care should be taken to avoid over-feeding & always remove any uneaten food after feeding period to avoid water clouding.
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    • Fish Specialty
      Bottom Feeding
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    • Joshua says... My cories love these wafers! As I drop one in they all dive strait towards it! When you look at the ingredients, you can see they are fairly good quality as hikari always is. A little pricey but worth it.
    • Queeny says... This product was recommended to us by one of the workers in Petbarn Thomastown. My Cory Doras, Neon Tetras and Plecos love the wafer.
    • Sarah says... I have 2 peppered Cory, 4 Albinos and 2 sucking catfish, they all loved these. My Danios, all kinds of tetras and guppies also love to peck at them :) All round, a great food for a great price.
    • Angelika says... My cory cats love this stuff, the individual disks are small and I even had 5 cory feeding of one disc furiously devouring it. They love it!

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