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Hartz Nodor Cat Litter Spray Scented 500ml

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Featuring odor encapsulating technology that surrounds odor molecules and permanently stopping them from causing odor. This formula will not clump litter so spray on and around cat litter for an odor-free area.
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    • Sharyn says... Sometimes with the clumping litter I find a little odour is left behind after scooping out waste so I thought I would give the Hartz Nodor Scented Cat Litter Spray a try. As it was also on special it was a good time to try it. I definitely would not recommend it for clumping clay litter as I found it stopped the litter from clumping, despite indicating on the bottle that it does not stop litter from clumping. I did not spray too much and I also sprayed it from a distance. I found the scent only lingered for about 5 minutes which was a little disappointing. I now just use it to spray on the mat and the floor around the litter box, but as I said, the scent does not linger very long. Overall I was very disappointed and would not recommend this product.

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