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Fresheeze Freshmint Rotate Bone Dog Toy Large


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A quality rotating toothbrush toy infused with freshmint flavour and designed to eliminate odours and clean teeth and gums while dogs play. 19cm long, suitable for large dogs.
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      If bad breath persists consult your veterinarian as bad breath can be a sympton of other problems. Choose appropriate toy size for pet. Always supervise pet's playtime. While this toy is strong and durable, it is not indestructible. Do not allow pets to play with broken or damaged toys.
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    • Harley says... made my dog's gums bleed, had to take away from him and put in the bin. I got this toy for my golden retriever, he loves chewing on things especially sticks so I thought this would be good for him to chew on to help his teeth. At first it seemed great he was chewing on it non stop and seemed to be having a great time, then I noticed that there was red in the saliva coating the toy. I looked closer and saw that it was blood from my dog's mouth caused by him chewing on the toy aggressively, this concerned me so I took it away from him and ended up throwing it out later that night.
    • Isabella says... I bought one of these for my GSD a few years ago. She's not much of a chewer so didn't get much use out of it, but it was well made and had a nice minty smell. The rotating parts and bristles would be a lot of fun for a dog that really loves chewing. Would recommend.

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