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Exo Terra Heat Wave Heat Rock With Thermostat

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The Heat Wave Rock simulates a stone heated by the sun in nature which promotes natural behaivour and helps in thermoregulating - important for metabolism, digestion, appetite and activity. It is energy efficient and automatically shuts off when a certain surface temperature is reached to prevent burns or overheating. The fully-encased electronically controlled heating element covers the stone, prevent hot spots. The special thermal conductive resin is waterproof, non-toxic, easy to clean and ensures an even heat distribution. Natural looking Heat Wave Rocks are available in three sizes and are easy to integrate in any terrarium set-up; humid or dry. Small - 15.5 x 10 cm (5W) Medium - 15.5 x 15.5 cm (10W) Large - 31 x 18 cm (15W)
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    • Michelle says... Awesome rock my lizard lovers it she knows how long to sit on it. And has never been burnt by it...:-) it is worth its money and value

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