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  1. puppy starter pack
    Puppy Essentials Bundle - Premium Medium Breed
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  2. puppy starter pack
    Puppy Deluxe Bundle - Medium Breed
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    The Nosh Project Chicken Bowl Puppy Meal 500gx7
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  4. puppy starter pack
    Puppy Essentials Bundle - Value
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  5. puppy starter pack
    Puppy Deluxe Bundle - Large Breed
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  6. puppy starter pack
    Puppy Deluxe Bundle - Small Breed
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  7. Halti Dog Head Collar Black
    Halti Dog Head Collar Black
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    Size 5
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  8. Royal Canin Mini Breed Puppy Pouch 85gx48
    x48 pouches
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What types of products are available for puppies?


At Petbarn, we stock a comprehensive range of products for puppies, including food, toys, training aids, grooming items, health and wellness products, bedding and more. We understand that puppies have unique needs, and we strive to cater to them all.


Are there any specific breed-related products available?


Yes, we do stock a selection of breed-specific products. We understand that different breeds have different needs, and we've curated a collection of items that cater to those needs. From food formulated for specific breeds to toys designed for certain sizes and temperaments, we've got your breed-specific needs covered.


What kind of food options are available for puppies?


We offer a wide variety of food options for puppies. From dry and wet food to grain-free and breed-specific options, we have something to suit every puppy's dietary needs. Our selection includes top brands known for their nutritional value and quality ingredients.


Are there any training aids or toys available for puppies?


Absolutely! We offer a variety of training aids to help your puppy learn good behaviour from the start. From clickers and harnesses to training pads, we have everything you need to make training your puppy a breeze. We also stock a wide selection of toys to keep your puppy entertained. Whether your puppy loves to chew, tug or fetch, you'll find the perfect toy in our selection.


Can I find grooming products for my puppy here?


Yes, you can. Petbarn stocks a wide range of grooming products for puppies. From shampoos and conditioners designed for sensitive puppy skin to deshedding tools, we have everything you need to keep your puppy looking and feeling their best.


Are there any health and wellness products for puppies?


Indeed, there are. At Petbarn, we believe in supporting your puppy's health and wellness from the start. We offer a range of products, including vitamins and supplements, flea and tick prevention, and more.


Can I find puppy accessories here?


Certainly! At Petbarn, we offer a range of accessories for puppies. Whether you're looking for a stylish collar and leash or a cosy bed for them to snuggle in, you'll find it in our selection.


Are there any products to help with my puppy's teething?


Yes, we offer a range of products designed to help with your puppy's teething. From teething toys designed to soothe sore gums to puppy-safe chews that help clean teeth and keep them occupied, we have everything you need to navigate this challenging stage.


What kind of bedding options are available for puppies?


We stock a variety of bedding options for puppies. From comfy beds to cosy blankets, we have everything you need to give your puppy a comfortable and safe space of their own.


Are there any products available to help with toilet training my puppy?


Absolutely! Toilet training is an important part of raising a puppy, and we offer a range of products to help.


Prepare for the exciting journey of raising a new furry family member with our comprehensive range of puppy supplies and accessories. From the very beginning, ensure your little pup gets the right start with nourishing puppy food that supports their growth and development. Outfit them in style with adorable puppy collars that combine fashion and function. Keep their curious minds engaged and teeth healthy with stimulating puppy toys. Create a positive grooming experience with gentle and specialised puppy grooming products. Ensure their comfort and cosiness with soft and inviting puppy bedding. With delectable puppy training treats and effective puppy training tools, training becomes a breeze. Prepare for a lifetime of joy and companionship with the right supplies from Petbarn.

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