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As every dog owner knows, our funny four-legged friends are part of the family. And as such, we all want the best for our canine companions. So when you’re looking for the best dog supplies to keep your pooch happy and healthy, Petbarn has you covered. From food and treats to toys and hygiene, health, safety, and so much more, you can find all the best dog products for pups of all ages and breeds right here.

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Keeping your home stocked with everything your four-legged friend needs couldn’t be simpler with Petbarn – simply buy dog supplies online and have them delivered right to your door. It couldn’t be easier, with free delivery for orders over $49, a two-hour delivery option for metro areas, 30-minute click and collect, and even a repeat delivery option, so you’ll never run out of those essential dog supplies.

What are the top products that I need to buy for my dog? 
To enhance your dog’s wellbeing, happiness and comfort, there’s some essential ‘dog stuff’ you’ll want to add to your cart to help them live their best lives.

First off, of course, is food. A balanced and nutritious diet is fundamental to your dog's health, and Petbarn has all the best dog food brands available. Look for dog food that suits their breed, size and age, with real meat as a primary ingredient. If you’re unsure what to choose for them, speak to your vet. You’ll also want to pick up sturdy, non-slip food and water bowls for feeding and hydrating your dog. Stainless steel or ceramic bowls are easy to clean and durable, or if your dog likes their dinner a little too much, you might want to consider a slow feeder-style bowl.

You’ll likely want to include some delicious doggy treats on your shopping list of dog accessories. Treats are useful for training, rewards and bonding with your pooch. Choose healthy and tasty treats that complement your dog's diet (and again, speak to your vet if you’re uncertain).

A comfy dog bed is a must for your pooch, and we have them available in all sorts of styles and sizes so you can find the perfect fit for your pup. And don’t forget to pick them up a stylish collar, a sturdy lead and a name tag to keep them safe and secure on walks. Some dog owners also like to get their dogs harnesses for walks and car travel – and we have all of these available at Petbarn. 

Grooming supplies are another thing to add to your list of essential dog accessories. Whether your pooch has short hair or long, curly fur or straight, they need to be kept clean for their hygiene. Doggy shampoo and brushes and combs suited to their fur type will come in very handy.

Remember that each dog is unique, so consider their specific needs and preferences when selecting these essential items.

What are the most popular dog supplies? 
While there are plenty of essential dog supplies, some of the most popular dog accessories are of the fun variety – that is, toys! Interactive toys are a must for your poochy pals. Dogs thrive on mental and physical stimulation, making toys, such as puzzle toys and chew toys, ideal for keeping them engaged, preventing boredom and promoting dental health. Toys are also important to keep dogs entertained if they’re home alone, preventing them from chewing up things like furniture and shoes or digging up the yard.

Dog harnesses are also very popular, as they can be more comfortable and secure for walking and restraining your dog – especially for breeds prone to respiratory issues. Speak to your vet about whether a harness might be a good option for your canine companion.

Dog crates are also very popular, serving as a safe and comfortable den-like space for dogs, aiding house training and providing security during travel or stressful situations.

What brands are the best for dog products in Australia? 
At Petbarn, we have all the essential dog products Australia could need from all the best brands you know and love. From food favourites like BlackHawk, Ivory Coat, Royal Canin, Leaps & Bounds, Hill’s Prescription Diet and many more, to treat and toy brands such as the classic Kong, Chuckit and Sporn – the list goes on!