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Browse our collection of quality training control products for dogs at Petbarn for easy obedience training results. We stock a wide range of training products to assist you in keeping your pooch calm and under control.

We stock a range of harnesses and collars that more evenly distribute the pressure and weight across your dog's chest and back as opposed to channelling it all in a single spot. These harnesses can be incredibly useful for dogs who get extra excited at walk time and pull on their collar to go investigate anything that may interest them! Our harnesses are designed with the safety of you and your dog in mind and allow you to control their movements with more ease.

We also stock a selection of chain collars to encourage appropriate training practices.These humane chain collars provide your dog with discomfort when they pull too hard on their leash, assisting in training proper walking behaviours. These can be a necessity for bigger, stronger dogs that are more difficult to control.

If you're looking for general training products unrelated to control, browse our full range of dog training supplies.

You can also buy now and pay later for any of our training control products for dogs on the Petbarn website with Afterpay or Zippay online.