Dog Grooming Supplies

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A well-groomed pet is a healthy one, and Petbarn's array of dog clippers, shampoos and grooming supplies provides all the tools you need to keep your beloved animal clean and well cared-for. Tidy unruly fur between grooming visits with a set of snag-free clippers, whether cordless or multi-speed. Shine up that gorgeous coat using a shampoo to suit your pet's fur, while eliminating odours and soothing inflamed or irritated skin. Knotted fur or profuse shedding can be a thing of the past with gentle de-matting or de-shedding tools. And shape those uncomfortable nails with a set of Petbarn's precision nail clippers. From eye and ear wipes to brushes and dog towels, Petbarn's variety of quality supplies can help you enjoy an easier grooming experience and extra bonding time with your furry members of the family.