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Browse Our Range of Gravity Dog Feeders


How big are gravity feeders for dogs typically?


Gravity feeders for dogs come in a variety of sizes to suit different breeds and their feeding needs. Typically, they can hold more than a kilogram of food. The size you choose for your gravity dog feeder should depend on the size of your dog and how often you wish to refill the feeder.


How does the gravity feeding mechanism work?


The gravity feeding mechanism in gravity feeders for dogs is quite simple yet efficient. As your dog consumes food from the bowl, gravity pulls more food down from the reservoir to replace it. This ensures your pet always has a constant food supply, even when you're not around to refill it.


Are gravity feeders suitable for all dog breeds?


Yes, gravity feeders are suitable for all dog breeds. However, the size and capacity of the feeder should be chosen based on the size and appetite of your dog. Smaller breeds may do well with a smaller feeder, while larger breeds or multi-dog households might benefit from a larger capacity gravity dog feeder.


What materials are gravity dog feeders made of?


Gravity dog feeders are typically made of durable materials like plastic. The choice of material can influence the feeder's durability, ease of cleaning and resistance to chewing. Plastic feeders are lightweight and often less expensive than metal options.


Is the feeder bowl easy to clean?


Yes, most gravity feeders for dogs are designed with ease of cleaning in mind. Many models feature removable bowls that can be washed separately; some are even dishwasher-safe. Regular cleaning is essential to maintain hygiene and prevent the build-up of bacteria or mould.


How much food can the feeder bowl hold?


The capacity of a gravity dog feeder can vary. The right size for your pet will depend on their size, diet, and how often you can refill the feeder.


Is the feeder bowl durable and resistant to chewing?


Most gravity feeders for dogs are designed to be durable and resist chewing. Materials like heavy-duty plastic are commonly used for their robustness.


Does the feeder bowl have a non-slip base to prevent it from moving?


Some gravity dog feeders come with non-slip bases to prevent them from sliding around during meal times. This feature is handy for enthusiastic eaters who might otherwise knock over or move the feeder.


Is the feeder bowl designed to prevent overeating in dogs?


While gravity feeders ensure a constant food supply, they don't directly control portion sizes. If overeating is a concern, it's important to monitor your dog's intake and adjust the amount of food in the feeder accordingly. Some gravity feeders come with adjustable flow settings to help manage portion control.


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