Dog Poop Bags, Clean Up & Odour Control

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Dog Poop Bags & Clean Up

At Petbarn we provide a wide range of products to help clean up after your dog and reduce urine odours, whether he or she is a puppy, an adult dog or senior dog. Cleaning up your dog poop when walking your dog is the law - not to mention it's the courteous thing to do – no one likes stepping in dog doo! We have doggy bag dispensers, poop bags, doggy diapers, training pads, and cleaning products such as odour spray to help make cleaning up your dog’s poo easier.

Our dog training pads make for the perfect indoor toilet solution, safe, effective and easy to use to maintain a fresh and clean home. If you ever notice worms in your dog’s poo, be sure to shop our dog worm treatmentsfor some tasty treats that kill intestinal worms and any other harmful heartworms, flea and ticks.

Our range of products makes caring for and cleaning up after your beloved dog effortless! What’s more, all of Petbarn's fantastic range of doggy poop bags and clean up products, including brands such as So Phresh, Nature's Miracle, and Earth Rated are available to buy now and pay later on AfterPay.