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  1. NexGard Small 10kg Dog Flea & Tick Chew 6PK x 2
    x2 packs
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    Non-member: $245.98
  2. Credelio Plus 11-22kg Dog Flea Tick & Worm Chew 3 Pack + 1 Pack FREE
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    Non-member: $92.99
    Petkin Doggy Sunwipes 20Pk
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    Online price $16.99
  4. Advantage XLarge Dog Flea Pipette Blue 6PK x 2
    x2 packs
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    Non-member: $241.98
  5. Advantix Large Dog Flea & Tick Pipette Red 6PK x 2
    x2 packs
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    Non-member: $237.98
  6. Thunder Wunders Calming Dog Chews 125g
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    Online price $55.99
  7. Mavlab Dog Dental Spray Gel 125g
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Browse Our Range of Dog Health Products


What types of dog health products are available?


Petbarn offers a comprehensive range of dog health products. These include flea, tick and worm treatments, vitamins and supplements, dental care products, skin and coat care items, and more. We also offer specialised products for specific health concerns like joint health, digestive health and anxiety.


Can I find products for both puppies and adult dogs?


We cater to dogs of all life stages. We have health products specifically designed for puppies, adult dogs and senior dogs. Whether you're looking for puppy worming treatments or senior dog supplements, we've got you covered.


Are there any products that can help with my dog's specific health issue?


Petbarn offers a variety of products designed to address specific health issues in dogs. Whether your dog is dealing with joint pain, digestive problems, skin issues or anxiety, we have products that can help. We recommend consulting your vet to determine the best course of action for your dog's health.


Are there any preventative health products for dogs available?


Prevention is key when it comes to your dog's health. Petbarn offers a range of preventative health products such as flea, tick and worm preventatives, dental care products to help prevent oral diseases, and supplements to support overall health.


Can I find products to help with my dog's dental health?


Dental health is crucial for your dog's overall well-being. Petbarn offers a variety of dental care products, including toothbrushes, toothpaste, dental chews and oral hygiene supplements.


Are there any products to help with my dog's skin and coat health?


Petbarn carries a range of products designed to maintain and improve your dog's skin and coat health. These include specially formulated shampoos, skin and coat supplements, and treatments for specific skin conditions.


Do you offer any products for digestive health?


Yes, we understand the importance of digestive health in dogs. We offer a range of products, including probiotics, digestive supplements and special diet foods, to help support and maintain your dog's digestive health.


Are there any products available to help with my dog's joint health?


Petbarn carries a selection of products designed to support joint health in dogs. These include joint supplements containing ingredients like glucosamine and chondroitin and special diet foods formulated to support joint health.


At Petbarn, we prioritise your dog's well-being, offering a variety of supplements tailored to address specific health needs. Take care of any injuries with our effective dog wound care solutions. Ensure overall vitality and health with general supplements designed to support their well-being. Promote dental hygiene and combat oral issues with our specialised dental supplements. If your furry friend experiences stress and anxiety, explore our calming stress and anxiety treatments. Maintain their skin and coat health with our nourishing skin and coat supplements. Support their joints with our effective joint supplements. Don't forget about their ears and eyes – we also have supplements to help keep them healthy. And to protect against pesky parasites, check out our range of flea, tick and worm treatments. Give your beloved pet the care they deserve with Petbarn's dog health products.