Ear & Eye Health Products For Dogs

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Taking care of your dog's ears will help prevent any infections from causing painful ear conditions or discharges. At Petbarn, you can find effective ear and skin cleaners for your dogs that will help clean moist, waxy and odoriferous dog ears. Regular ear examinations will also catch any other problems, such as ear mites, before they get worse. Shop our flea and tick treatments for dogs to help keep your dog healthy and pain free. Pair our range of dog ear drops and ear cleansers for an optimal treatment. The dog ear drops aid in the treatment of otitis externa and the ear cleanser helps to remove necrotic tissue and other debris. Our collection of ear cleaners are scientifically formulated to gently remove accumulated wax and reduce unpleasant ear odours. Dog ear drops and cleaners can also be used before or after swimming to dry your dog’s ears. What’s more, you can buy now and pay later on all ear drops and ear cleaner for dogs listed on the site with AfterPay or Zip.