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Virbac Preventic Tick Collar


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The Preventic collar contains the very effective active ingredient ‘Amitraz’ that kills and helps detach paralysis ticks. Amitraz is progressively released from a slow release matrix within the collar. The Preventic collar controls ticks including Ixodes holocyclus (paralysis tick) and Ixodes cornatus (indigenous tick), Haemathysalis Iongicornis (bush tick), Boophilus microplus (cattle tick) Rhipicephalus sanguineus (brown dog tick) in dogs for up to 2 months, and is recommended for use on dogs from 16 weeks of age. The length of the collar is approximately 72cm.
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    Customer Reviews(3)

    • Angie says... Used on all my dogs since I was kid, never had a tick on any of them.
    • Layla says... Havent found a single tick, which is great because one member of the household is allergic to them, so we can't risk the dog bringing them in the house. The dog is always exploring our unmanaged garden too, so we usually have few ticks to deal with..
    • Stacey says... I have working cattle dogs and on a daily basis my husband is mustering cattle in scrubby tick zone areas. Since covering the dogs for paralysis tick with the preventic tick collar we have had no problems with tick paralysis and find that our dogs are free from the regular bush tick which has caused anaemia in the past due to the abundance in our local area.

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