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Comfortis Pink For Very Small Dogs 6Pack

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Comfortis chewable tablets is for dogs 2.3-4.5kg and cats 1.4-2.7kg, which rapidly kill fleas and are indicated for the treatment, prevention and control of flea infestations on dogs and for the control of flea allergy dermatitis for one month following administration. Each tablet contains 140mg spinosad.
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      For dogs that weight between 2.3kg - 4.5kg and cat that weight between 1.4-2.7kg.
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    • Julie says... This is the best product by far for flea control on my ragdolls. I have never seen a flea on my cats using this product. I used it on my dogs also which helps with skin conditions caused by flea bites. No more hotspots since using Comfortis.
    • Margaret says... I find this great for my cats. I read bad things about cats being sick after treatment so each time mine have it I keep them close by for an hour to watch them. 3 out of the 4 tolerate it but my fourth vomited everywhere the first time poor baby so I only now dose 3 and thankfully it has a residual effect on the fourth so he has no fleas ..... topical has never worked for me and I just love Comfortis.
    • Cassiel says... I'm a little dog, little enough that I only need Pink comfortis. This product makes the fleas absolutely jump off almost straight away, and keeps them off! My mum would be happier if this also included a worm treatment, but she doesn't have any trouble getting me to take them with a bit of mince or chicken for encouragement.
    • Jessica says... This stuff is the bomb. I've used topical treatments previously and they didn't work very well. Within an hour after giving my 2 cats Comfortis you can literally see the fleas hanging off their fur, dead. I found the topical treatment annoying because not only did it smell, my cats still managed to turn their heads around to lick it off!

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