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    Snooza Ultra Tough Lounger Dog Mattress Black XL -100x116cm
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  2. Superior Pet Luxe Aus Made Dog Basket Grey
    Superior Pet Luxe Aus Made Dog Basket Grey
    Medium 88x67x23cm
    Small 67x44x23cm
    XLarge 116x88x23cm
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    Online price $149.99
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    All Day Como Calming Dog Basket Pink S-50x50x19cm
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    All Day Snuggle Ball Dog Bed Latte Med 70x20cm
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    Snooza Ultra Tough Lounger Dog Mattress Black M-70x88cm
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What types of dog beds do you offer?


At Petbarn, we offer a wide variety of dog beds to cater to the diverse needs of our furry friends. Our collection includes everything from classic cushioned beds and elevated beds to luxurious memory foam options and cosy cave-style beds. We understand that every dog is unique, so we offer a range of sizes, materials and designs to suit every breed and lifestyle.


Do you offer dog beds suitable for large breeds?


Yes, we do. Our large breed dog beds are designed to provide the extra support and space that bigger dogs need. These beds are larger and crafted with durable materials to withstand the weight and activity level of larger breeds.


Are there any orthopaedic dog beds available?


Absolutely! We offer orthopaedic dog beds specially designed with therapeutic foam. These beds provide optimal support, promoting better sleep and overall health for your pet.


Do you offer dog beds with removable and washable covers?


Yes, we understand the importance of hygiene for your pet's health. Many dog beds come with removable and washable covers, making it easy to keep your dog's bed clean and fresh.


Are there any dog beds designed for outdoor use?


Certainly! We offer a range of outdoor dog beds built to withstand the elements. These beds are made from durable, weather-resistant materials and are perfect for patios, backyards or any outdoor space.


Are any dog beds designed for puppies?


We offer a range of puppy beds designed to provide the comfort and security your new furry family member needs. These beds are smaller, perfect for a puppy's growing body, and made from soft, durable materials that can withstand a puppy's playful nature.


Do you offer dog beds that are resistant to chewing?


Yes, we understand that some dogs love to chew. That's why we offer chew-resistant dog beds made from durable materials that stand up to even the most persistent chewers. These beds are tough and comfortable, ensuring your pet has a cosy place to rest.


Are there any dog beds that come with additional features like heating or cooling?


Yes, we offer a selection of dog beds with additional features to enhance your pet's comfort. Our heated dog beds are perfect for colder months, while our cooling dog beds can help your pet stay comfortable during the hot summer months.


At Petbarn, we understand the importance of providing a comfortable space for your canine companion to rest and recharge. Explore our collection of dog beds and find the perfect fit for your pet's size and sleeping preferences. Whether they prefer plush and cushioned beds or elevated options for a cool breeze, we have something to suit every dog's needs. Pair their new bed with premium dog food for a well-rounded care routine. Don't forget to browse our extensive range of collars, leads and harnesses to ensure safe and stylish outdoor adventures. Keep them hydrated and well-fed with our feeding and drinking supplies, and pamper them with our grooming products to maintain their coat's health and shine. Treat them to endless playtime with our diverse dog toys and reward their good behaviour with tasty dog treats. Explore our range of durable and comfortable kennels and crates for their private space. Create a loving and nurturing environment for your canine companion with Petbarn's dog bed and accessory range.

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