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Are you looking for the best quality kitten grooming products online? At Petbarn we stock a large range of kitten grooming products to keep your kitty looking and feeling purrfect. An unattended coat can become long, matted, and uncomfortable for your kitten. Regular grooming of your kitten helps rid the coat of shed hair and dead skin while spreading their natural oils that are good for skin health. Since kittens are still young and less independent, they will need some help with their grooming as well as maintenance of their claws and oral hygiene. Caring for your kitten in this way when done gently and patiently will help develop a strong, lasting bond all while ensuring your pet's wellbeing. Regular maintenance of your kitten's coat also gives you the opportunity to check for parasites such as fleas and ticks as well as preventing hairballs that can build up in their stomach. It is also important to care for your kitten's oral hygiene, as poor hygiene can lead to tooth loss, inflamed gums and bad breath. You can also buy now and pay later for all of our kitten grooming products on the Petbarn website with Afterpay or Zip.