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Discover the Perfect Water Fountain for Your Cat’s Hydration Needs


What are the benefits of using a cat water fountain?

A cat water fountain is an innovative solution that encourages your feline friend to stay hydrated, promoting their overall health and well-being. The running water attracts cats, stimulating their natural instinct to drink more. The best cat water fountains also feature filter systems, ensuring your cat has access to clean, fresh water at all times.

How does a cat water fountain work?

A cat drinking fountain employs a small pump that circulates water through a filter, creating a continuous flow of water. This mimics the running water cats are naturally attracted to in the wild, encouraging them to drink more frequently.

Are cat water fountains easy to clean?

Yes, most cat water fountains are designed with ease of cleaning in mind, with components that can be easily disassembled for thorough cleaning. It's important to clean your cat's water fountain regularly to ensure it remains hygienic and safe for your cat.

Can cat water fountains be used for multiple cats?

Absolutely! For multi-cat households, consider a fountain with a larger water capacity and multiple drinking areas. This allows several cats to hydrate at the same time, making it an ideal choice for households with more than one cat.

Are cat water fountains suitable for kittens?

Yes, a cat water fountain is suitable for kittens. Introducing a water fountain at a young age can encourage good hydration habits early on.

Do cat water fountains require any specific type of water?

No, cat water fountains do not require any specific type of water. However, using filtered or purified water can help prolong the life of the fountain and ensure your cat is drinking the cleanest water possible.

How often does the water in cat water fountains need to be changed?

It's recommended to change the water in your cat's drinking fountain at least once a week. However, if you have multiple cats using the fountain, you may need to replace the water more frequently.

Are cat water fountains battery-operated, or do they need to be plugged in?

Most cat water fountains are powered by electricity and need to be plugged into a power source. However, battery-operated models are available for greater flexibility.

Do cat water fountains make a lot of noise?

No, the best water fountains for cats are designed to operate quietly so as not to disturb you or your cat. The gentle hum of flowing water can even be soothing for you and your pet.

What materials are cat water fountains made of? Are they safe for my cat?

Cat water fountains are typically made from safe, non-toxic materials such as BPA-free plastic, stainless steel or ceramic. They are designed with your cat's safety in mind. Always ensure the product you choose meets safety standards.

Cat water fountains are a fantastic addition to your cat's feeding routine, providing them with a constant supply of fresh and running water. At Petbarn, we offer a variety of cat supplies, including storage containers to keep your cat's food organised and fresh. For convenient and automated feeding, consider our automatic feeders, ensuring your cat's meals are served consistently. Additionally, we have a selection of high-quality cat bowls suitable for various feeding preferences. To minimise mealtime messes, explore our practical cat mats. For all your cat's feeding needs, browse our cat bowls and feeding accessories section at Petbarn. With our range of products, including the efficient cat water fountain, you can ensure your feline companion stays hydrated and happy.