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What types of automatic feeders for cats do you offer?

We stock a wide variety of automatic cat feeders to suit the needs of every feline friend. Our range includes portion-controlled feeders, motion-activated feeders and advanced smart feeders. With our diverse selection, you can find the perfect feeder to cater to your cat's unique dietary requirements and your lifestyle.

Is there a limit to how much food automatic feeders can hold?

The capacity of automatic cat feeders varies depending on the model you choose. We stock feeders with capacities ranging from small, single-meal dispensers to large, multi-day storage units. You'll find options that can hold anywhere from a few cups to more than a kilogram of cat food, ensuring your furry companion can access the right amount of food while you're away or busy.

Can automatic feeders accommodate wet and dry cat food?

Yes, we stock automatic feeders designed to accommodate wet and dry cat food. Our versatile feeders can dispense various food types, ensuring your cat receives the nutrition they need, regardless of their dietary preferences. Please refer to the product specifications of each feeder to ensure it is compatible with the type of cat food you plan to use.

Are automatic feeders easy to clean?

Automatic cat feeders are designed with ease of cleaning in mind. Many models feature removable trays and compartments, allowing quick and easy cleaning. Some are even dishwasher-safe, making the cleaning process even more convenient. Proper maintenance of your cat feeder ensures hygiene and prolongs the product's life so your cat can enjoy fresh, clean meals every time.

Do you offer automatic feeders that can be programmed to dispense food at specific times?

Yes, we have a range of programmable automatic cat feeders that allow you to set specific feeding times and portion sizes for your pet. These advanced feeders have built-in timers and customisable settings, giving you complete control over your cat's feeding schedule. This feature is handy for cats with special dietary needs, including those on weight management or prescription diets.

Are automatic feeders available that can accommodate multiple cats?

We understand that many households have more than one feline friend, and we stock automatic feeders designed to cater to multiple cats. Some models come with multiple feeding compartments, while others can be paired with microchips or RFID collar tags, ensuring only the intended cat can access the food, preventing overeating.

Do you offer battery-operated automatic feeders, or do they need to be plugged in?

We stock battery-operated and plug-in automatic cat feeders to suit your needs and preferences. Battery-operated feeders provide added flexibility, allowing you to place the feeder anywhere in your home without worrying about finding a power outlet. Plug-in models, on the other hand, ensure continuous operation without needing battery replacements. Some feeders even offer dual power options, combining the convenience of battery and plug-in power sources.

Do automatic feeders come with instructions on how to use them?

All automatic cat feeders come with instructions to ensure you can easily set them up and operate them. Each guide walks you through assembly, programming and maintenance processes, helping you make the most of your new feeder. Our knowledgeable customer support team can also assist you with any questions or concerns.

Ensure your feline friend is well-fed and taken care of with our range of automatic feeders for cats. At Petbarn, we understand the importance of convenience and proper nutrition, so we stock various products to address your cat's feeding needs. Explore our offerings, including storage containers for keeping food fresh, durable and functional bowls and protective mats to keep mealtime messes in check. For a touch of innovation, explore our cat water fountain, designed to provide fresh and flowing water, enticing your cat to stay hydrated. Making mealtime effortless and enjoyable for your cat is a testament to the care you provide. With our range of automatic feeders and feeding accessories, you can ensure your feline companion receives the nourishment they need conveniently and reliably.