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Browse Our Range of Cat Litter Trays


What types of cat litter trays are available?


Petbarn offers a wide variety of cat litter trays to meet every feline friend's unique needs and preferences. We have everything from traditional open trays to covered litter boxes and even self-cleaning options. Whether your cat prefers a simple design or a more private, enclosed space, you'll find the perfect cat litter tray in our extensive range.


Are there different sizes of cat litter trays available?


We understand cats come in all sizes, and so should their litter trays. At Petbarn, we offer cat litter trays in various sizes, from compact designs for kittens and smaller cats to larger trays suitable for bigger breeds or multiple cats.


What materials are cat litter trays made of?


Cat litter trays are primarily made from durable, easy-to-clean materials like plastic. Some models also feature metal or wire components, especially in self-cleaning mechanisms. All materials are safe and non-toxic.


Are there cat litter trays with special features, like self-cleaning mechanisms?


Absolutely! For those looking for a low-maintenance solution, we stock cat litter trays with self-cleaning mechanisms. These innovative designs automatically sift and separate waste, making clean-up a breeze and keeping the tray fresh and clean for your cat.


Are there cat litter trays suitable for multiple cats?


Yes, we offer larger-sized cat litter trays that are perfect for households with multiple cats. These designs provide ample space for more than one cat to use the tray comfortably.


Are there any eco-friendly cat litter trays available?


While most of our cat litter trays are made from durable plastic for longevity, we recommend pairing them with eco-friendly, biodegradable litter options.


Can I find a cat litter tray that is easy to clean?


Ease of cleaning is a key consideration in cat litter tray selection. Many trays feature non-stick surfaces and removable lids for easy cleaning. Self-cleaning cat litter trays offer a simpler solution for busy pet parents.


Are there any cat litter trays that help control odour?


Many cat litter trays are designed with odour control in mind. Features like covered designs and self-cleaning mechanisms can all help to minimise unpleasant smells.


Are there any cat litter trays with a privacy hood or cover?


Yes, for cats that prefer privacy, we offer cat litter trays with covers or hoods. These designs give your cat a secluded space and help to contain litter scatter and control odour. Browse our range to find the perfect cat litter tray for your feline friend.


Ensure your feline friend's comfort and hygiene with our range of top-quality cat litter trays. Explore various options designed to cater to your cat's preferences and needs. Choose from environmentally-friendly natural cat litter for an eco-conscious choice, or opt for the advanced odour control of crystal litter. Keep their space clean with the absorbent qualities of paper cat litter and enhance their comfort with convenient litter tray accessories. For traditional litter options, our selection includes reliable clay litter. Even kittens are covered with specially designed kitten litter. At Petbarn, we prioritise your cat's well-being and offer a range of choices to meet their unique preferences.