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Stress & Anxiety Treatments

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Take care of your favourite feline friends' health and wellbeing with our range of stress and anxiety treatments for cats. At Petbarn we stock a selection of treatments to help calm your cat down and allow them to feel at ease in their environment.

We stock both sprays and diffusers to help with any feelings of anxiety or unease your cat may be experiencing. Feliway have produced a unique scent that is odourless to people and other animals that utilises a replication of the pheromone that cats leave naturally when they feel comfortable. Even small changes in your home and their routine can upset your cat and cause them to feel anxious and on edge - which can even result in destructive behaviours. These upsets also cause your cat to stop leaving this pheromone naturally. This can cause a frustrating cycle as less of this pheromone on your furniture and around your home will upset your cat further by making them feel less secure and increasing their stress levels. This cycle can be easily circumvented by spraying or diffusing this pheromone around your home to ensure they are back to their happy care-free little selves in no time!

Browse the Petbarn collection of stress and anxiety treatments for cats for all of your pet health and wellbeing needs. You can also buy now and pay later for all cat supplies on the Petbarn website with Afterpay or Zippay online.