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Catlux Softwood Clumping Litter - 30 Litre

Catlux Softwood Clumping Litter - 30 Litre

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Product description

Owning a cat can be one of the most rewaring experiences you have. When it comes to hygiene, cats have standards, as they often feel happiest in their surroundings when everything is clean and comfortable. To our furry friends, the team at Catlux presents you the best seat in the house! Catflux Softwood Clumping Litter is the ultimate must have litter for you kity owners.

Litter that is soft for your cat's paws, keeping you calm and stress free. Catflux products are gentle on the environment as they are made from natural products. The best choice for cat owners as you've got it easy.

You can flush it, compost it, or just bin the used litter. So no hassle! This cta litter is also specially formulated from natural products to control any odours inbetween cleans. Moreover, Catflux product are made from high quality softwood that lasts longer than any other brand. Fill the litter tray to a depth of 5 cm. Urine is absorbed immediately forming a clump.

Using a litter scoop, remove clumps and solids.

The remaining litter is fresh and clean.

Top up the tray as necessary.

  • Natural Odour Control
  • Gentle on the Environment
  • Gentle on Paws
  • Longer Lasting
  • Lightweight and Easy to Handle

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  • Benefits
      • Gentle on the Environment
      • Natural Odour Control
      • Gentle on Paws
      • Longer Lasting
  • Brand
  • Litter Clumping
  • Litter Material
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Litter Fragrant
  • Product Category
    Cat Litter

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Catlux Softwood Clumping Litter - 30 Litre
10 reviews
3.5 out of 5 stars
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  • KElly says...
    Absolute waste of money! The litter is too light, doesn't clump, goes into a gross soggy mess. Do not buy it.
  • Teena says...
    I am very happy with this litter. I find the only downfalls are the not clumping as well as clay and it is light so it tracks around the house a fair bit. It is good value but I do tend to go through it fairly quickly. Great odour control and I am content with the natural aspect. I am always trying to give my kitties the most natural non toxic life they could have.
  • Kayla says...
    Love this litter. Was recommended to me by a friend. Yes it can be messy but i just stick a litter trap mat and works great. The price range is great when i can get two bags for about $50 and they last me ages since all i do is scoop and pee or poo out and chuck another cup full of new litter in and away we go. The smell is great aswell considering i have a male cat and his pee can be very stinky i hardly smell it all since i have been using it
  • Isara says...
    excellent! I already used this at the 6liter size from supermarket. I would buy two amonth. I haveonecat.she is 10years. this size lasted 3months! fantastic. andno it doesntclump. i don't care. she is senior and doesn't flick the litter about.only a littlen ear her tray. the new10month old cat i adopted flicksa ll the litter everywhere!! and dug it in to mountains! i put her on pellet litter now.. i think it depends on your cat and how it behaves with its litter. this is good. great odour control. nice woody smell and flushable,( not he wholestuff) jsut when i put the poop in the toilet.. great price and lasts long time. very happy
  • karina says...
    The only litter my cat will use. Keeps her happy and not going everywhere else so i too love it.
  • Manuela says...
    Can highly recommend this litter. We've used it for years now and it works well with amazing odour control, doesn't smell at all. It does track but falls off their feet very quickly so it doesn't get further than the room next to the litter tray, where we just grab a broom and sweep daily. It doesn't clump as other reviewers have said, but I find it super easy to scoop using a small child's sand spade (no holes): just use the spade to push the clean litter out of the way and then scoop out only the wet litter.
  • Jennifer says...
    My cat is spoiled and refuses to use many litters but this is soft on puss's delicate paws and kind to his bottom as well. Odour control is superior and 30l bag is lighter for me to lift than other brands. But the biggest bonus is emptying his tray. Clumping clay litter is heavy and messy to get out of the tray. With a quick thud into the bag its emptied without scoopers ready for the fresh new fill. I find kitty is happiest with a thin layer covering the tray base and then emptying the whole thing. Lasts longer and there is no smell whatsoever. I personally wouldn't flush it down my toilet. I rent and it just isn't worth the risk. Especially in a house where tree roots constantly block the toilet at least once a year. Just wouldn't risk it. But even wet that thin layer is so easy to empty lift and dispose of. Great stuff Catlux!!
  • Amy says...
    The one time we got a bag of catlux that didn't work so well, I contacted the company who makes it to ask if they'd changed the formula. They got back to me straight away, very apologetic and explained that the rain and flooding over east was affecting their product. They sent me three bags to replace the one slightly dodgy one. I was so impressed, really great commitment to their customers. The product itself is the only one I've been happy with, living in a fairly small townhouse with no covered outdoor area for a litter tray. As such, the tray must live next to our toilet. Being able to flush away waste straight away is brilliant. The bags are lighter than clay or crystal litter, meaning they're easy to carry and store. The way our cats dig, they end up getting litter everywhere, no matter the type. At least with the paper litter it's soft, so we're not stepping on crystals or pebbles when we get up to use the loo in the night!! The roomba has an easier time picking it up, too. The way it clumps takes some getting used to, as it's a bit different to other clumping litters, but the ease of disposal far outweights any downsides. I've tried crystal litter, clay litter and other clumping litters and softwood is my pick, especially for indoor litter trays.
  • Linda says...
    This stuff does not clump; do yourself a favour and buy a good fine clay litter which does what it is supposed to do. Aside from the non-clumping issue, I have to vacuum around the box everyday because the stuff is so light that the cats just kick it everywhere. About the only thing I can say about it is that the cats seem happy enough to do their business in it so that's worth a star. Odour control is compromised because you can't actually get the pee out of the box as it won't clump; just sits at the bottom. Not for me I'm afraid.
  • Rhys Bialek says...
    We came from using a rather expensive litter, Oko - flushable. About $30 for 15L. We would completely change that once every couple weeks, would clump perfectly and flush fine. Going to this, it's total garbage. It might be cheaper but it sure shows. It's been 4 days and I've had to completely change the box. The soaked clumps break easier than sand and fall back through the sieve. Leaving the larger non-soaked bits behind. We looked at the website for a demo video, it's a lie. Do yourself a favour and stay away from this. Buy the more expensive litters as they'll save you money in the long term.