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Bushfire Update

With worsening conditions, a state of emergency has now been declared in New South Wales and Victoria as we are seeing some of the most catastrophic bushfires our nartion has ever experienced. South Australia is also seeing devastating fires.
We are actively working in the community to support the people and pets affected by the bushfire disaster. Please find some useful information along with nationwide emergency contact details below.


Useful information

Pet Emergency?

To view locations of all our Emergency Vet Hospital partners click here or Find your closest Greencross Vets Clinic

Heat Stress in Pets

Recognise the signs of heat stress and act fast. Quick action could save your pets life! Excessive panting, restlessness, vomiting and ‘brick red’ gums are common signs. Read more about how to recognise heat stress and apply first aid to keep your pet cool. Click here: Heat Stress Can Be Fatal For Your Pet

Injured Wildlife

If you encounter injured wildlife please call your local wildlife rescue or closest veterinary clinic. All Greencross Vets clinics and Animal Emergency Centres are experienced and equipped to treat injured wildlife at no cost to the rescuer. You can learn more about how to help sick or injured wildlife here: How To Handle Sick Or Injured Wildlife


Wildlife Rescue Contact Details


Port Macquarie Koala Hospital




Wildlife Victoria



South Australian Veterinary Emergency Management


Wildlife Queensland

Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service

RSPCA Queensland


Tasmania Parks and Wildlife Service

Government Contact Details

National bushfires map