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SureFlap's award-winning smart pet technology makes looking after your pets simpler. Their microchip pet doors secure your home against intruders while making sure your cats, dogs and other pets can come and go as they please. Their smart feeders make it easy to control your pets' diets even when you're not at home. Unlike standard cat flaps or magnetic doors that allow access to any animal that can fit through, SureFlap Microchip Pet Doors can be programmed to recognise each of your pet's microchips and treat them as a key. These doors work with all common microchips and can be installed in doors, walls or glass. If you have more than one pet, SureFlap Dual Scan Microchip Cat Doors can be individually programmed for entry and exit. This means indoor cats won't be allowed to go outside, but if they do get out by other sneaky means, they'll still be allowed back inside. You can even control access from your phone or tablet via an app with the Microchip Pet Door Connect.