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Seachem has been a leading name in aquarium supplies for over 35 years. Their products have been developed by biologists, chemists and hobbyists to offer everything your aquatic friends need to stay happy and healthy. Keep your aquarium free from contaminants with Seachem Matrix biofiltration media to block and remove waste. Activate the biofilter with Stability to prevent 'new tank syndrome,' the leading cause of death for pet fish. Seachem Purigen removes nitrogenous organic waste to purge your aquarium of nitrates and nitrites. If you're worried there might be traces of chlorine and other harmful chemicals in your fish tank, Seachem Prime conditioner removes chlorine and chloramine as well as detoxifying ammonia. The range also includes fish food and supplements and the Aquavitro premium line of additives for coral fish. Find more great deals on fish food, cleaning supplies and everything else you need to care for freshwater, seawater, reef or pond species at Petbarn.