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Whether your cat or dog is large or small, Milbemax offers rapid-acting and wide-reaching protection against worms. Milbemax chewable wormer tablets provide effective and long-lasting defences for your pet against a variety of common intestinal worms. Pests that these tablets protect against include roundworm, hookworm, tapeworm, and whipworm. Milbemax products are generally for use every three months, but when taken on a monthly basis, they can also provide effective defences against heartworm, which can be a deadly infection.

Get Worm Infestations Under Control With Milbemax

Milbemax has developed distinct formulations for both cats and dogs so that every pet receives the right protection from their wormer tablets. With a meaty flavour that cats and dogs will adore, this is the stress-free way to administer wormer tablets to your pet and quickly get any existing worm infestations under control, as well as protect against new ones.

Suitable For Puppies And Kittens Too

Milbemax offer dosages tailored to large and small dogs, as well as cats of all sizes thanks to their packs for small cats. The brand’s fast-acting wormer tablets can be administered to puppies from the age of two weeks and kittens from the age of six weeks, offering comprehensive protection against worms throughout the animal’s entire life. Even particularly large pets can benefit from Milbemax wormer tablets. Tablets can be combined for larger dogs or cats to reach the required dose for optimum protection.

Before starting treatment, it’s important to confirm with your vet that your cat or dog is not infected with heartworm. You should also ensure that you give your pet the right dosage and only the right formulation for their species. When you use Milbemax tablets, you can have real peace of mind that your pet is thoroughly and quickly defended against a broad spectrum of intestinal worms. Shop the Milbemax range online with Petbarn.

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