Adaptil Collars, Diffusers & Sprays For Dogs

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    Adaptil Stress Relief Dog Diffuser & Refill 48ml
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    Adaptil Stress Relief Medium & Large Dog Collar 70cm
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    Adaptil Stress Relief Puppy & Small Dog Collar 45cm
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If your dog has become prone to barking, less playful or has lost its appetite, they might be suffering from stress and anxiety. Adaptil collars and diffusers help to calm dogs of all ages by releasing an appeasing pheromone designed to make them feel safe and secure even in unfamiliar surroundings, and they can be used as part of your pet's behavioural therapy.

Adaptil collars for puppies and adult dogs are easy to use, safe and odourless. The collar continuously releases the pheromone all the time it's in contact with your dog and lasts up to four weeks. Stock up on replacement collars or Adaptil diffusers and refills from Petbarn to make your home a comforting, stress-free environment for your beloved pet, or try more stress and anxiety treatments.

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