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Take the best possible care of your pet bird with our comprehensive range of bird foods and treats. We recognise every breed has different nutritional needs and pets can be picky so we stock a wide variety of food types and flavours to make sure no matter the bird, their needs are covered.

Knowing exactly what your pet needs and what they're actually getting can be tricky. Whilst seed mixed provide valuable combinations of vitamins, minerals and other nutritional elements, there is the risk of your fussy pet only picking out the bits they want to eat, meaning their diet isn't balanced. If that's the case, pellets may be an option to create an 'all in one' solution from their diet.

Of course it's not all about what's for dinner - we also have a range of treats to reward your bird for being your best bud!

From seed mixes, to pellets to treats we have everything your winged friend could ever need.

Speaking of treats, head over to our bird toys page for ways to keep your bird stimulated and entertained.