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Avi One Coop Cup with Clamp Holder 280mL

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This sturdy coop cup from Avi One fixes firmly in place thanks to a clamp holder with screw fixture, making it an ideal choice for cages with more boisterous birds. The hard-wearing metal makes it a more durable choice than plastic cups, holding up well against claws and pecking beaks.
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    • Material
      Stainless steel
    • Brand
      Avi One
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    • Michelle says... These are great! Plastic is always a little dangerous just in case - we're going through a phase where we're questioning the safety of it for everyone. More importantly, anything with corners at some stage will be impossible to get mould out of, which is what I love most about these!! I love the clamp holder simply because with the hook holder sometimes when you pull the blankets off the cage in the morning it can get caught and water goes everywhere. Highly recommend.

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