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Animates Dog Training Clicker Kit

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Animates training clicker is easy to use with elevated button that allows clicking in any position anytime. Ergonomic design fits comfortably in you hand. Small size that can be hidden in your palm or your pocket. The clicker emits a two-toned signal to replace the verbal praise that the pet learns to associate with appropriate behavior. It cues dogs that their behavior will be rewarded for faster, stress-free training. The training clicker can be incorporated into any training exercise. Once your pet has responded correctly to any command, immediately sound the clicker and follow with a treat reward. Repeat the exercise until your pet gets the command down. You may gradually phase out treats and or add new challenges.
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      Training Clicker
    • Advice Care
      This product is intended for dog training purpose only. This is not a toy. Keep out of children's reach. Inspect product for damage and replace if any part becomes loose or detached.
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    • Ingrid says... This clicker is too stiff and results in poor timing, which is the most important part of using clicker. You can get much better quality box, teardrop and i-click clickers directly from trainers for a much lower price.
    • Simone says... The clicker is a bit stiff to press when first purchased. The click is also a low pitch and is also a bit too quiet. Higher pitched clickers are better.

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