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Animates Blue And White Cat Tunnel 150cm

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Featuring a crackly texture liner and a large peephole in the middle of the tunnel, it is great fun for playing and lounging. 10cm in diameter and expands to 150cm in length, this cat tunnel is collapsible for easy storage.
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    • Jeremy says... I have a 2 month kitten and he loves it, he has heaps of toys but his absolute favorite (aside from a piece of paper...) is this tunnel. He runs through it, jumps on it, plays with the cords at the end and loves the crinkle sound. He loves the hole in the middle to pop out of when playing. The downside is the tunnel does collapse when he jumps on it (as expected) and it does have a crinkle sound, however I feel this is also the reason why he loves it. 3.5 stars from me, 5 stars from Flokie.
    • Lee says... We have a 5 month old kitten and he took a while to understand what it was about. We threw some small toys inside and the fun began. He loves it now and goes back to it often. It has a hole in the middle which is great. He can pop his head up and pretend there's monsters out there to run backwards and forwards from, checking all the time through the hole.

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